"Final Boss" by Tyler Kirkham

"Final Boss" by Tyler Kirkham

"Final Boss 

Continuing the story from the hit graphic novel.

 While competing in an underground Masked Fighting League, disgraced former Special Forces Operative Tommy Brazen, discovers that he has inherited supernatural powers that run in his family. Based on cryptic stories his grandfather told him about his family line, Tommy sets out to learn the truth about his powers and his heritage. Crime lords, vigilantes and more are vying for control of these powers in an escalating struggle and ultimately to become THE FINAL BOSS!"

 Creator, writer, artist. Tyler Kirkham

Colorist. Ifan Noor

Art assists. David Miller 

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  • Mark Proulx - June 05, 2022

    Wanted to know what Tyler’s schedule was in coming to Florida and signing books in 2022 after June. I’d like to get some books of mine signed and I can’t find a schedule for him anywhere online. Thanks.

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