"The Lost Serpent Prince" Brett Booth

"The Lost Serpent Prince" Brett Booth
Lost Serpent Prince

In an ancient war, the Prince of the Serpent People 
(a Vampire like race from another dimension) sacrifices
himself to stop a bio weapon that turns organics into tech.
He absorbs the virus into himself. Him not being human,
the virus doesn’t quite have the same effect They place him in
cryosleep for 70,000 years. When he finally awakens the virus
seems to be under control and a part of him. He can create any
weapon he wants with his body. Him being a prince, he wants to
know what has happened to his people. But no one knows.. the
portal they used to go back and forth between there worlds was
destroyed. The whole portal network between all the realms was
destroyed, Earth is cut off! All the mythical beings
and monsters were part of an Ancient war and are also now
trapped on earth!

He sets out to find out what happened and his only lead is the
daughter of his former general, she’s the only one who knows
the way to the underground city that the general governs.

Artist/Writer: Brett Booth
Inks: Sal Regla
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Editor: Jess Ruffner

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  • Ernest O Dickinson JR - June 05, 2022

    How to order?!

  • Angel - June 05, 2022

    Haven’t been this excited for a new title in years!!! So stoked for this book!

  • Andy Battaglia - June 05, 2022

    Can you tell me the page count of the two Primer books? I’d like to know before ordering for my store.

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