"SandWenches" Ale Garza

"SandWenches" Ale Garza



Flash! Bang! Boom! Remove the crusts!? Dive headfirst into the action packed, thrilling world of secret agents, SandWenches! DYL-N, TMT-O, CHEZ, IYZ-BRG, and TRKY BRST5000 are hellbent on saving the world from the moldy clutches of Sgt. Sauer, and his evil Stew Crew! Experience the tense romance of the mysterious Mack Nughet and his mighty chicken fist… Make sure to have your tickets ready for the years funniest (and puniest), sexiest, sharpest adventure comic of the year! #gotpickle


Created by Alé Garza

Story by Alé Garza and Howard Cadmus

Script by Alé Garza

Art by Alé Garza and Sanju Nivangune

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